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Essentially an online version of MS Paint program.


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iPaint is essentially an online version of MS Paint program. It's implemented purely using JavaScript and HTML5 canvas element. It basically implements most of the features of MS Paint program embedded in your Microsoft Window 7 operating system. From this online version of MS Paint program, namely iPaint, you can experience the powerful features brought into the web by HTML5.

As an online painting program, iPaint fulfilled the following features:

  • Offline Storage Supports. Your drawing will be stored locally until you manually cleared the local storage or stored your drawings online.
  • Online Image Search. If you want to borrow some ideas from internet, this feature allows you to load an image directly into iPaint if you know the image url. Or you can search online images and load that iPaint to continue with your great design.
  • Image Sharing. Share your drawings with your friend easily via email.
  • Rich set of Geometric Shape.. Free pen drawing, line, ellipse, rectangle, rounded rectangle, polyline, polygon, triangle, diomand, pentagon, hexagon, 4-point star, 5-point star, 6-point star, heart, balloon callout, bezier curve etc.
  • Outline/Fill support. "Solid" or "None" options are available through floodfill algorithm.
  • Various brush support.
  • Various line cap/joint/width support.
  • Photoshop a like color picker for accurate color selection.
  • Dynamic picutre size
  • Ruler support
  • Different unit support: pixel, centimeter and inch
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo history.

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maria carla 04.10.2012 12:53:07 PM


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