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Wilogio Words - Russian

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An effective app for learning russian words.


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Wilogio Words is the most effective app for learning foreign words. As soon as you launch the app, it studies your work habits with the study material, your memory capabilities, and other specifics, and chooses a teaching methodology specifically made for you.

Your vocabulary is always in excellent shape

Thanks to the built-in learning controls, you won’t forget what you have learned. From time to time, you will be offered key exercises to test your memory in order to keep your Russian vocabulary on a superior level.

There is no way you won’t learn the word

The app will develop a methodology specifically for you and for each word which is posing difficulties for you. The mechanism will study when and on which words you “get stuck” or when you make mistakes and what type of mistakes you make. It will then select correction methods and create a lesson plan, and you will easily master even the most difficult dictionary.

The built-in assistant will direct you

The intellectual assistant will monitor your learning process, give practical advice or warn you if you have started going too fast or are not paying attention.

Memorize new words by doing simple exercises

The learning process is based on doing simple exercises which will help you memorize the words faster. Together with the colorful pictures, the selected examples will become a true pleasure.

You will not miss a single lesson

You will be informed if you need to repeat the exercises. In addition, you will always see the repetition indicator on the dictionary covers in the app.

Choose a workload suitable for you

Increase or decrease the practice intensity level. Make the process of memorizing the Russian words easy but long or fast but requiring greater effort.

Start learning Russian right now!

Learn new words with Wilogio words.

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keoni 09.05.2013 4:33:08 AM

lijkt mij een goed leersysteem

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