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The Last Backup

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If you like the sci-fi channel and puzzle games, check out this HTML5 game.


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An HTML5 Puzzle game: 5 Space Stations, 50 levels, great sound, droids and puzzles for hours of fun.

The Last Backup was born from the love for puzzle games and for science fiction. If you like the sci-fi channel and puzzle games, check out this HTML5 game. The game is polished, has great audio, and consists of 50 levels of laser beaming, droid driving, puzzle and action.

You play as a member of the elite 'Data Rescue Team'. 5 different space stations have been infected by a terrible virus and it is your job to save all the data stored in their mainframes.

Move and configure the laser deviators to hit the receivers with the laser beam, then drive through the room to reach the elevator to the next room, but be careful not to hit the beams. And watch out, defense system is still active.

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CategoriesGames & Entertainment
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Special requirementsHTML5
Installable AppsGoogle Chrome
Date added/updated06.25.2012

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